How The Superbank Works …

How The Superbank Works …

DCIM107GOPROSee that line of sand? Use the term “ruler edge” if you absolutely must. Photo: Corey Wilson

Since the dawn of time and other things, humans have had a eminent knack for improving on what nature has made readily available for us. Nature gave us New York, humans made it a city. Nature gave us sugarcane, humans fermented it into rum and then baked it into cookies when they were hungover in that awful equatorial heat the next morning. Nature gave us a swell-ridden Gold Coast and few points, humans went ahead and finished that project off by maintaining the Superbank.

The Superbank. It’s better than Wells Fargo, and certainly better than Chase. It won’t help you with your 401K very much, but it might give you a wave that’ll make you forget about the idea of money entirely and believe that saving for retirement is for those well-dressed and therefore uncomfortable looking chumps in the atrocious buildings that scrape the sky above Wall Street — who built those, anyway?

But more importantly, who built the Superbank? Coolangatta’s finest filmmaker Simon “Shagga” Saffigna broke it down for us today and the explanation is well worth the investment of your time.

SHAGGA: It all started with a dredge. They used to dredge out at the inlet of the Tweed River so that boats could safely go out and come in, then they would pump all the sand they took from there out and put it in front of Snapper. But now they’ve set up a bypass system where the sand can filter through on its own. They have pipes at D-Bah and pipes at Froggies and whenever there’s no sand or a hole behind the rock at Snapper, they’ll just start pumping the sand and it will all filter around the corner.

It’s good and it’s bad. It’s good because we get great waves but it’s bad because it messed with Kirra for a while. I think that once you start fucking with it, you set yourself for a ton of work. You have to constantly think about it and then try to figure out what to do and when to do it. There have been university studies done to figure out what’s the best method to get the best waves and there are also guys like Rabbit that are on the city council and have some say in it. It’s a lot of effort, man. But I think no matter how much you pump the sand, Mother Nature is always going to have her way with it and have the final say.