YMSA Training Camp, Sayulita, Part.1 “The coach”

After 10 days in paradise, back to the reality ….

Last YMSA Training camp in Mexico was a success. First edit, Part.1 “The coach” Next coming up tomorrow. Part.2 “Boys at work” featuring :  Eno James,  John D. Woodcock,  Travis Southworth,  Dylan Southworth,  George Nickoll, Léo Martin,  Floriane Martin  and  Marco Mignot ….. Part.1 is “The Coach” because After the Part.2 you will forget the Part.1 ahah !!!!

Special Thanks to:                                                                                                                                                                                             John and Graziella James,  Cheryl and David Woodcock,  Christine Armstrong & Ben Nickoll  for your hospitality and having us in your paradise…… Thanks Kids, you guys Rock and make me feel a SuperCoach !!!!!!

Thanks for the support :                                                                                                                                                                         SuperBrand,  SuperBrand Europe,  Modom Europe,  Sen No Sen,  Smoothstar,  Smoothstar Europe  and  Oakley Europe.